In 1939 a young editor at a small newspaper in California’s Central Valley was looking to put down roots and begin raising a family. Max and Verda Foster found a parcel of land outside of Modesto and built a home. To make a little extra cash they began raising a few turkey’s and chickens. They we’re pretty good at it.

Max soon built a hatchery right off the bedroom and Verda would gently rotate the eggs several times a night. Max added chicken coups and mixed the feed by hand. A grain silo followed. Pretty soon local stores from Sacramento to Bakersfield were carrying Foster Farms chicken.

A lot has changed in almost 80 years – today people enjoy Foster Farms chicken up and down the West Coast and beyond –but Foster Farms is still family owned, and the third generation of Fosters is still doing things the Max and Verda way.

Foster Farms Fresh & Natural chickens are raised cage free in temperature controlled barns. The birds thrive on a diet rich in corn and soy and there’s plenty of access to pure drinking water. Nobody had to tell Max Foster that adding hormones to chicken was wrong — today the USDA makes it illegal. And the good news — in 2013 Foster Farms became the first major poultry company to be independently certified by the American Humane Association.

Fresh and Natural is the way Max and Verda first began, and it’s still a good way to grow. Want to know a little bit more about their commitment to keeping the planet green, and community involvement? Just cluck…er click.