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Whether you live in San Diego or Seattle, Foster Farms turkeys are always delivered fresh to the store in 48 hours.

Turkey Dingbat

At Foster Farms, turkey is more than a Thanksgiving tradition — it’s how we began. And it’s taken us all the way from a small farmhouse to the White House.

Max and Verda Framed

In 1939, Max Foster, a young newspaper editor, bought some land near Modesto in California’s Central Valley. Max thought it would be a good place to begin raising a family – his wife, Verda, agreed. She also began raising young turkeys to help out with a little extra cash. Today, Foster Farms is still family owned and still doing things the Max and Verda way.

Foster Farms Fresh & Natural young turkeys are raised cage free in comfortable, temperature controlled barns. The birds thrive on a diet rich in corn and soy. Nobody had to tell Max and Verda Foster that adding hormones to turkeys was wrong and they never did.

Turkey Dingbat

Fresh & Natural is the way Max and Verda Foster first began and it’s still a good way to grow. Maybe that’s why Foster Farms was honored to have raised the turkeys officially pardoned by President Obama in 2010 and 2015. Tap on the barn to meet the Presidential birds.